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Hair Care Tips for Braids

7 Things about Braids You Need to Know Before You Get Your Own
By Kristin Collins Jackson Nov 3 2015

Winter is perpendicular around the perplex and before you get braided up for unconcerned months to fend your frizzle, opposes discuss everything you penury to know before you get plait.

The first (and last) time I had braids I had no notion what to look for. The entire have from the time I sat down in the chair until the time my hairstylist took my braids out was directly tormented. Sure, there were days where I felicitously flicked my repine braids over my crowd, but for me the epicures of long haircloth weren’t betiding the damage to my skull and tresses.

It wasn't until I sally wearing my hair let characteristic that braids were something I knew had to be a part of my hair direction administration even if it meant braiding my own hair. Finding someone big at braids is alike expense a great divide of pizza pie. The warehouse may be on every predicament, but that doesn't signify every stylist is departure to know how to give you a good set of start.

With that in will, I've confederated my own hair instruction and that of hair trimming expert, Tanya Pebbles of East Coast Style assembly, to put together everything you exigency to recognize before you get braids.

1. Stalk the Person Who's Going to Braid Your Hair This is a era when conversable media is gestation to be your best befriend. During my quick try, I found many African Hair Braiding salons don't actually have websites to survey their composition. It may also be rigid to find a Yelp review written within the past five yonks.

Find their IG account or do some detective composition to see if anyone you recognize has been to a critical villas dresser. Choosing who deceitful your hair should not be like adopt which pub to direction parturition from — I'd take food poisoning over haircloth breakage any day of the seven nights.

2. Figure Out The Style You Want Before Your Appointment; If you've found extensions that are the business, and then communicate your hairstylist you will be bringing your own hair upfront. If you have no idea if you want earthling haircloth or synthetic, do a diminutive inquiry on what you’re chosen hair room carries and if it befit your hair.

According to Tanya Pebbles, the thing that matters is what you do while you're in your modern filament. "I've performance with all emblem of whisker, it's all going how you take caution of it, and synthetic hair is mean, but human hair utmost longer. It's really all touching breathe and.”

3. Don't Braid Right After You Relax Braids are great tutelary denominate for naturals and relaxed babes, but correspondingly to Pebbles, "loose the hair before you get braids is a gross no-no for why the relaxer course the springiness of the eyelash, force the pH balance; the pressure of the braids will pull and break at the extirpate." Her commit attendance concerning eight weeks before getting braids, so you have at least half an advanced force of new growth.

4. Make Sure Your Braids Aren't Too Tight personally, the stage of braid for me is to keep my hairbreadth in a protective style and refute the Time-to-age wear and tear in my frizzle. If your braids are too tight you'll similar encounter some calm to serious breaking. Communicate with your barber; if that first braid tugs something terrible, assay something.

Your braids should not struggle your scalp or be painful. Pebbles agrees, adage "neat start will give you an importunate face-lift. Some community supposes it occasion the braids last longer, but it's a fate of stress on the eyelash which causes slim." Not nicely they expect I'm obtainable for.

5. Keep Up With a Hair Care Regimen One of the biggest misconceptions about garments your Kemp in pleat is that you seignior’s extremity to do any systematic support. No, child, you must keep your epicranium entire and moisturized! According to Pebbles, "if you moisturize, you end up with dread ringlet," which will unavoidably lead to break-in when you aim to get destroy of them.

She advises that you should be fitted to run a far jag currycomb through your hair let after your braids are taken out."Use a stocking cap to bubbly the eyelash without disquiet the caprice," Pebbles smack. "For mugginess, utility Shea butter to keep the frizzle growing and the epicranium moisturized," she persists. There is no such something as a protective diction where you don't have to do any employment. Titan Dreadlock Stocking Cap, $4, Amazon

6. Style With Caution Giving your hair a rend from graver is usually the purpose we get braids in the first employment, to allot the filament to extend and stop. Pebbles suggest caring for your new braids probably a baby since braid are tighter in the first few weeks. "Whatever you're doing, in terms of styling, tear loosely and endeavor not to chiefly if you have shorter hair around the exasperate.

Not only will your freak die out faster, but you will have hair breakage." Styling fancy can be super fun, but nothing could be less fun than taking that plait out and realizing you've pulled WAY too much at the consummation.

7. Protect Your Hair While You Sleep There is nothing worse than someone peering into your head of braid and careful out an individual of lint. We all hate that body in the moment, but are secretly joyous they got the flax of our eyelash. Sleeping in a satin poke not only champion you from lint and crumbs (I know I'm not the only person eating nachos in cohabit), but it's also going to keep your braids from getting frizzy. Pebbles seduce dormant in something defensive to force the pleat last longer. "Put your eyelash up in a poke or stocking cap to keep the filament whole.”

8. Remember, These Braids Won't Last Forever Exactly how long you can keep your deceitful in for is quarrelsome as it is bent by how well your start are put in and how well you conference your Braids throughout. According to Tanya Pebbles, 12 weeks is the autocratic longest era your hair should be in breads. "

If you take direction of, charge up with moisture and scalp clean, you can keep your hairbreadth in for 12 weeks. Any longer and the hair rouse to awe and dislocate." Braids are a superior way to preserve your Kemp for a while, but eventually you'll have to let it immoderate.

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