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Your Business on MySpace
How to Promote your Small Business on MySpace

MySpace can be used to promote your small business. Like other social networking sites, participation is key. Here are seven ideas to promote your small business on MySpace

#1 Blog and add value to your profile. MySpace offers a number of features you can use to build your business. One of these features is a blogging option. You can use your MySpace blog to add valuable content.

#2 Use bulletins. You can send messages, announce promotions and create special offers with the Bulletins. Bulletins are a great way to announce a product launch or a special promotion.

#3 Group Forum Posts. Visit group forums related to your business or niche industry and get involved. You can subtly promote your business here. Remember, MySpace is a social networking site so blatant self promotion is generally frowned upon.

#4 Events. You can create events on MySpace and announce them with the “Events” feature. This feature allows you to invite people and they can accept or decline participation.

#5 Get involved! MySpace is a social networking site. Ultimately one of the best ways to promote your business is to get involved. The more connections you make online the more interest and traffic you’ll drive to your online business.

#6 Embrace the visual. MySpace tends to support and cater to visual elements. Think video, photos and cool graphics. Add pictures to your profile. Add video and be sure to let people know you’ve uploaded new elements. People also love to share video and photos so it’s a good viral tactic as well.

#7 Link. You have the option and ability to link to other pages. Use this to link to your blog or website when you have new content. Of course be sure to add an attention grabbing headline and teaser to motivate people to click through.

MySpace is first and foremost a social networking site. This means that consistently engaging with the community is essential for success. Before you begin using MySpace to promote your business create goals and a purpose for your membership. Decide what you want to accomplish with your MySpace efforts.

Build a profile and a plan to support your goals and purpose. Create a schedule to interact and participate. And above all remember to integrate your MySpace activities into your other marketing tactics. For example, place a link your MySpace account on your website. Invite people to follow you there in your email signature.

When you create a MySpace profile you are essentially adding it to your marketing strategy. This requires goals and a plan for success. MySpace can be a great tool to promote your business. Use the features and get involved

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