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Quality Web Hosting Plans
How to Find Affordable and Good Quality Hosting Plans

When launching an online business two things are essential. You need to have a website address, aka a URL. You also need to have a website host. A host is essentially a company or service that stores the pages of your website and makes them available to computers and devices connected to the Internet.

Hosting plans come with a wide variety of:
* Prices
* Features
* Customer service policies and procedures
* Reliability
* Capacity

It therefore makes sense to spend some time evaluating your needs and comparing hosts. First, you have to know where to look to find them.

How to Find Hosting Plans

Perhaps the easiest way to begin your search is to type “website hosting” into your search engine of choice. However, you’ll end up with thousands of results to choose from. This can feel overwhelming and may not be the most efficient way to approach this task.

Instead consider asking associates, friends and family who they use to host their website. Ask them if they’re happy with their hosting and how they made their decision. This should give you a handful of hosting options to research.

Also take a look at online hosting comparison charts. However, be aware that many websites that create these charts are also affiliates for the hosting companies. They earn a commission when you click on one of their links and make a purchase. So make sure to also back up any research found on a comparison chart with your own research.

How to Compare Hosting Plans

Price is only one factor when comparing hosting plans. Because there are so many to choose from you may want to make price your final decision maker. This means first comparing the hosting plans based on:

* Easy File Upload - Does the host support your file type?
* Data Space - Make sure your host can accommodate the size of your website with room for future growth.
* Bandwidth - How quickly will the pages load?
* File Size Limitations - How much space do you need for your website?
* Server Reliability - How often is the server up and how often do they backup?
* Security - How secure is your information? How secure is your visitor’s information?
* Customer Service - How responsive are they to questions and needs?

Evaluating potential hosting plans by these criteria will likely narrow down your choices to just a few options. You can then evaluate them based on price. Website hosting ranges from free to fifty dollars a month and the features and services vary widely. Evaluate what you need and then compare hosting plans. Make sure they can fit your business needs.

One place to start comparing would be, this will help give you a starting point.

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