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Jump-Start Your Business
How to Jump-Start a Stagnant Business

If your traffic, revenues or profits have been consistently going down for a few months, then what your business probably needs is a jump-start. An infusion of new energy, vision and drive. How do you take a stagnant business and revive it? Follow these tips.

==> Bring on Someone New

If you can bring someone new on board, someone who's excited about re-kindling the new project, that can work wonders for your own sense of excitement.

New ideas and new spirit are often easier to bring in when they come from the outside. Outsiders haven't been exposed to the gradual stagnation of the business and will bring in a much fresher perspective.

This new person doesn't have to be an employee. They could be an investor (even if it's a minor stake), an advisor, a business partner or even a friend who has a vested interest in your success.

The bottom line is, bring someone new on board. This alone can reignite an old project.

==> Increase Your Hours

Businesses that stagnate are often due to simple neglect. If you're running multiple projects at once and just haven't put the time into your old business, then now's the time to change that.

Decide how much time you want to put into this business and put it in your calendar. Tell other people about your new commitment so you have a social incentive to stick to it.

Sometimes, all a business really needs to flourish again is to be given attention.

==> Set New, Ambitious Goals

Can you remember a time when you were very excited about this business? Can you remember when you used to dream about its success and what that would be like? Can you remember how exited you felt to set goals for this business?

It's time to get back into that state of mind. It's not good enough to just try and keep a dying business going. No; in order to really give the business a jump-start, it needs an infusion of "moving forward" energy.

Set a few new goals for this business. What do you want to accomplish? Why? How would it change your life if you succeeded?

If you have a strong enough "reason why" to succeed, you probably will. Money is a good reason, but it also helps to have other motivators.

==> Jump-Start Your Business

The most important aspect of jump-starting an old business is just committing to its success again. At some point in the past, you probably lost your commitment to your business's success. That's why it started to slide.

Rekindle your commitment. Bring on someone new if possible, set new goals and increase your work hours. Pour new energy into the project and watch it flourish.

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